Congratulations! We want to celebrate you and your writing. Tell us about your breakthroughs, your successes, your milestones!

Your news may be shared on our website and in our Alumni News email update. We are so pleased for you and hope that we can continue to help you flourish as a writer.
- Submitted to a writing contest
- Accepted to a writing program
- Major breakthrough in your writing
- Received a winning prize or grant
- Started writing again after 15 years of not writing
- Have characters that you now understand where before you didn't
- Received a publication deal
- Resisted revising, but cracked the code and now love it
- Found a writing mentor
- Explored writing in a new genre
- Had a short story published in a literary journal
- Found a writing buddy
- Got a writing studio
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Thanks so much! We are delighted to celebrate your success with you!
~ Sarah and the SSM team ~